Remember when you used to tear up all the photos of your ex after a breakup?

(If you still do this then you should move along. Nothing to see here.)

Well apparently deleting the past is the the new black. At least that’s our conclusion after watching the recent social media behavior of a couple of big name fashion houses.

Yves Saint Laurent joins DKNY as the second brand in the last six months to delete their entire Instagram history after parting ways with their lead designer. Both brands claim to want a “fresh start.”

We understand that breakin’ up is hard to do, but honestly we expect more adult behavior from a major corporation. Deleting all those Instagram posts shows little regard for the users who have interacted with those posts over the years, and the act itself draws even more attention to the departed designer.

It would’ve been better for YSL and DKNY to be the bigger “persons” and simply move on with their lives without incident. But then again this is the fashion industry we’re talking about, a place where petulant tantrums are widely accepted as marks of genius.