It’s hard to deny that is currently one of the brightest burning stars in the pop culture universe. The app that was first recognized as the safest way to send nudes to your significant other (or so we’ve been told) has become the third most-used app by people under thirty behind Facebook and Instagram.

For the time being, we here at the House of Mouse remain bearish on the subject of Snapchat for (most) brands. Given that Snapchat does not currently support outbound links, you’re essentially playing in a walled garden. And there are just too many other ways you could better spend your marketing time and money, especially if you work in an organization that constantly questions the ROI of everything.

Now all that being said, it’s important that you not live under a rock. We’d encourage you to join Snapchat; sign up, sign in, and have a look around. Connect with some friends, follow a few companies, and—heaven forbid—have a little fun. You just might be inspired…or at the very least entertained. Here’s a video from Sunny Lenarduzzi to help you get you started.

You never know: all this could change tomorrow and Snapchat could suddenly be perfect for your business. But that’s why you have us to help you stay on top of this stuff.